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MOVEPRO makes your next move smooth and stress-free

As a family-owned, local moving company, we offer honest, reliable service that will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for when it’s time to make your next move. Our team of professionals will provide the perfect touch of professionalism and personal attention to eliminate the stress of moving. When you think moving, think of New England’s moving and storage professionals: MOVEPRO! (Click here to request a FREE estimate today)

Q: What is the first thing I should do once I know I am going to be moving?
A:  Once you know you will be moving, contact MOVEPRO to schedule an onsite visit to your home or company to go over everything involving your impending move. We’ll give you an estimate and discuss the best day and time for your move.

Q: Should I do all the packing prior to moving, or do you offer packing services, or partial packing services?
A: We offer a couple of options that include: Our Fragile Pack, which usually entails kitchen items, dining room items, pictures, and things that are fragile and easily breakable. Our “Turnkey Pack” offers complete packing services. Please note that you can do your own packing, however, if a customer does their own packing, the contents of the boxes are not covered under MOVEPRO’s insurance.

Q: Do you offer unpacking services?
A: Yes, we do. Oftentimes people who are doing a corporate move use this service.

Q: Will you disassemble large pieces that need to be moved?
A: We disassemble everything and reassemble it. However, if a customer disassembles something, we do not reassemble it.

Q: What are your insurance policies?
A: We have two options:
Option A - your items are insured 60 cents per pound. Your weight will be estimated and this will be listed in your Contract. This is FREE with our Contract.

Option B - There is a zero deductible and the cost is $7 for every $1,000 of insurance. We offer full replacement coverage up to $500,000.

Q: If there are things I want to save but don’t want to move, can you store them for me?
A: We offer storage of individual items up to an entire household. We offer units that range in size from 5x10, 10x10, 10x20, to 20x30. We also offer overnight holds for one to two nights in our locked and secured trucks, which are housed in a secure, gated area that has 24/7 surveillance.

Q: How do you charge for moving, by a flat rate or by the mile?
A: We charge by the hour, based on the amount of people and trucks.

Q: Are there fuel changes for long trips?
A: Yes, this is included in your contract with the insurance option and materials.

Q: Will my belongings always be secured in transit?
A: Absolutely! Your belongings are stored in a secure truck that is always locked from point A to point B.

Q: How do you calculate how many movers you use?
A: When we come out to do an estimate, we factor in all the variables from the amount of items you need moved, to whether or not there is an elevator.

Q: What is done to protect my flooring during moving day?
A: We offer floor protection and will discuss this with you when we give your estimate.

Q: Is there an extra charge for stairs?
A: No, while other moving companies may charge extra for this, MOVEPRO does not.

Q: Do you still move in inclement weather?
A: We almost always do, however, on moving estimates done in the winter; we do add information on winter conditions. If, in the unlikely event there is a blizzard or it is extremely hazardous on the roadways, we might have to postpone your move, or the estimate might be a bit higher, due to the fact of having to go a bit slower for safety reasons. This will always be spelled out in your contract.

Q: In case of inclement weather how do you protect my belongings?
A: We prep everything and make sure all your furniture is wrapped prior to the move.

Q: Is there anything you will not move?
A: We tell people they must get a third party to move pool tables, hot tubs and swing sets. We DO move pianos from upright and spinet, to baby grand and grand pianos. Please note: There is a surcharge to move pianos and an additional charge to move them to a second floor or more.

Q: Will you move computers and electronic equipment and set them up?
A: We will not disassemble or reassemble electronic equipment or reassemble it, however, as long as it is boxed, we’ll move it.

Q: Do I need to empty my dresser drawers and filing cabinets for the move?
A:  No, we tell our customers they can leave drawers in place. The only exception might be if a filing cabinet is really large and heavy.

Q: Is there a better day or time to schedule a move?
A: Not for us! Some companies have weekend rates but we don’t do that. Our rate is a standard rate from Sunday - Saturday (daytime hours). Please Note: Night rates calculated at time and a half.

Q: Can we have family or friends help on moving day?
A: No, our insurance does not cover anyone other than our employees.

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