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How Can I Save Time When Moving?

When it comes to moving, you can expect to dedicate a lot of time to organizing and preparing your belongings. It can be quite challenging when planning to relocate, sometimes even taking a few months to make a smooth move. Time is a valuable asset for everyone especially if you want to make a career. That being said, understanding how to save time for a move is critical.

Let’s explore some shortcuts that will make your move much quicker.

Write down exactly what you want to move as well as any deadlines for changing utilities, documents, subscriptions, etc.

Set reminders on your phone for any upcoming appointments. During the move, things can become hectic so it’s best to stay as organized as possible.

Make a list of tasks for the next week and a separate list for the next day. Prioritize what is most important, when it should be done and how, depending on the time that each individual task will consume.

Distribute the tasks for every week and when the week arises, distribute what needs to be done for each day of the week. To break it down even more, arrange tasks for different hours of the day.

Label boxes with their content and which room they belong in. This way, you won’t spend time searching through each box trying to decipher where items should be placed.

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5 Tips On Moving With Kids

Moving can be an extremely stressful process, never mind throwing in children to the mix. Here are a few tips on how to make moving with kids as smooth and stress-free as possible.

  • Hire a babysitter. The day you move is going to be hectic and stressful, so take a little bit of craziness out of the equation by hiring a babysitter or family and friends. Have them take the kids off your hands for the big day. Plan an exciting outing for the kids; it will make the day more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Take advantage of alone time. Although this may be the time you want to kick back and relax, when moving take advantage of all the time you can get. This includes, time kids are asleep, at school or just out of the house. Use this quiet time to organize and de-clutter your home which will make packing that much easier.
  • Make them feel part of the move. Moving is a big change in a child’s life so it is important to make sure that they feel part of the process. Helping them pack up their own rooms and label their own boxes can make them feel like they are part of the moving process. Also, take the time to create a memory of their past home they can bring with them. Try creating a memory box with pictures of their old home and memories from their community. This will help them remember their old home when they are in the new one.
  • Teach them something. Moving is a time when you really see how much clutter and useless things you have lying around your home. Take this time to teach your children the power of giving back. Have your child go through their room and find toys and clothing they do not use or play with anymore, and bring them down to the local homeless shelter or Salvation Army. Your children will see how good it feels to give back while at the same time making your move a little easier.
  • Pack a box of their favorite toys. For each of your children, pack a box of their favorite and essential toys, whether it is their favorite stuffed animals or the game that keeps them busy for hours. Pack those toys into a separate box and keep that in the car with you on the move. This way the kids will have access to these on the drive over. It also allows them to have something to occupy themselves as soon as they get to the new house, without waiting for the moving truck to get unpacked.

10 Unique & Effective Moving Tips

Moving can seem like quite a hassle, especially when you’re packing up an entire house, arranging a new school for your children or shipping belongings overseas. Whatever the case may be, whether you are moving a few belongings or an entire household, the unique tips below will be a major help.

1. Wrap Fragile Items in Clothing

Save a bundle on bubble wrap by wrapping up your fragile belongings in your clothes! You’ll be simultaneously packing your kitchenware and your clothing.

fragile item in clothing2. Label What’s In Your Boxes & What Room They’ll Be Going In

When arriving at your new home, unpack each box by room. The unpacking process will be much more manageable. Additionally, rather than labeling the tops of boxes, make sure to label the SIDES instead. It’s much easier to identify them when they are stacked.

boxes labeled on the sides

3. Cover the Openings of Your Toiletries with Saran Wrap

To avoid having your toiletries break and spill all over your other belongings, place saran wrap over the opening and then put the cover back on.

bottles covered with saran wrap

4. Cover Drawers with Press’n Seal

Avoid having to unpack and refold the contents of your drawers by simply placing Press’n Seal over them. It also makes moving the dresser much quicker.

drawers covered with press n seal

5. Keep Small Parts in a Sandwich Bag

In case you have to take apart appliances or perhaps a mounted flat-screen TV, keep a sandwich bag handy. Tape the baggies to the back of the item they match with. This is also a smart concept for cords!