10 Unique & Effective Moving Tips

Moving can seem like quite a hassle, especially when you’re packing up an entire house, arranging a new school for your children or shipping belongings overseas. Whatever the case may be, whether you are moving a few belongings or an entire household, the unique tips below will be a major help.

1. Wrap Fragile Items in Clothing

Save a bundle on bubble wrap by wrapping up your fragile belongings in your clothes! You’ll be simultaneously packing your kitchenware and your clothing.

fragile item in clothing2. Label What’s In Your Boxes & What Room They’ll Be Going In

When arriving at your new home, unpack each box by room. The unpacking process will be much more manageable. Additionally, rather than labeling the tops of boxes, make sure to label the SIDES instead. It’s much easier to identify them when they are stacked.

boxes labeled on the sides

3. Cover the Openings of Your Toiletries with Saran Wrap

To avoid having your toiletries break and spill all over your other belongings, place saran wrap over the opening and then put the cover back on.

bottles covered with saran wrap

4. Cover Drawers with Press’n Seal

Avoid having to unpack and refold the contents of your drawers by simply placing Press’n Seal over them. It also makes moving the dresser much quicker.

drawers covered with press n seal

5. Keep Small Parts in a Sandwich Bag

In case you have to take apart appliances or perhaps a mounted flat-screen TV, keep a sandwich bag handy. Tape the baggies to the back of the item they match with. This is also a smart concept for cords!